Cotton wool roll dental is made up of cotton with high absorbency. They can be cutted and rolled to any diameter and length, also the weight is customizable. They mainly used in clinic, for dental usage for absorbent blood and the absorbent capacity is over 20-30 times weight of itself.
Product name:Cotton Wool Roll Dental
Material:100% Cotton
Size.8cm/1.0cm/1.2cm/1.5cm x 3.8cm or as per requirement
Style:No lint, remain tight even get wet
Sterile:EO Gas/Non sterile
Certification:CE, ISO13485 and FDA
*Other dimensions, plies and package can be produced as per requirements
1.100% raw cotton, no lint, high absorbency.
2.Only single usage for dental or any other medical workshop.
3.50pcs/bundle, also can be packaged as your requirement.
4.The package can be printed with your logo, including the bundle roll.
5.Widely used in medical or clinic etc.