Brand Amassadors

Welcome aboard! A big congratulation on your new role as Sosho Brand Ambassador (SBA). On behalf of the Sosho team, we would like to welcome you to the Sosho platform. At Sosho, we plan to engage the Pakistani youth to show the positive face of Pakistan to the rest of the world. At the same time, we will also create earning opportunities for the skilled youngsters so that they become financially independent in their early ages. We have laid down a list of benefits and privileges the SBAs will enjoy along with the responsibilities they hold. After the verification process we will issue the SBA badge to every SBA. Our team will review the progress of SBAs after every three months and those who will not perform well in this time period will be asked to surrender the SBA badge.
• Verified Account – All brand ambassadors will get blue verified account after going through the verification process
.• Special Badge – All brand ambassadors will get Sosho Brand Ambassador’s badge (SBA Badge)
• All brand SBAs will get 5,000 advertising budget in their Sosho advertising account wallet
• Earning Through Affiliate system – Earn money through your affiliate link. Brand ambassadors will get 10% of revenue generated through their referrals (individuals & advertisers)
• Will get chance to win monthly “SBA of the Month” cash award
• Will be part of Sosho’s digital marketing team that will develop the contents for Sosho YouTube channel and Facebook page. The 75% of the revenue generated by these platforms will be divided among all team members according to their work and participation.
• Will have to bring new users on (monthly target=100) The target will be revised every quarter.
• Will introduce Sosho to other digital platforms from their accounts (tiktok, YouTube, FB, Instagram etc.)
• Will bring more traffic to by initiating different activities on Sosho
• Will create groups and pages for universities, colleges, academies, businesses, brands and individuals, then will contact and hand over the pages to the owners and will train them how to use to promote their products and services through Sosho.
• Posts regular contents to present the positive image of Pakistan to the world.
• Will bring paid advertisement from the local and international advertisers• Will report IDs and Contents that are violating our terms and conditions. • Will identify suspicious IDs and can call them for an interview to verify their identity.
• Can run for getting the nomination for Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC will be formed soon)• Supervision of Shout-out campaigns on different social media
• Encourage the users who solely or primarily using Sosho for socialization
• Complete your profile on Sosho• Apply for verification by uploading scanned copy of any Govt. issued identity, such as CNIC, NICOP, Passport, Student ID, Driving License, Service Card, or any other document.
• Copy your Affiliate link and save and use it to invite people to signup Sosho.
• Join the group specifically made for Sosho Brand Ambassadors, click the link
• Introduce Sosho to your friends and family members to join using your affiliate link.