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At La Vista World, you will find luxury and comfort as one of the top most priorities. Every care has been taken to ensure premium facilities to its residents and to complement the prime location. Bahria Town, Rawalpindi is known for its top-notch amenities and fine construction quality. One of the major appealing factors of La Vista World is its posh neighbourhood of Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.
Residents can enjoy the individual facilities of the apartment complex and also equally benefit from the various amenities the elite neighbourhood offers.

Contact Details:
Head Office: Ground Floor, Sama Arcade 1, Mini Commercial, Bahria Expressway, Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Site Office: Plot@572, Business District-South, Opposite Jamia Masjid Malik Riaz Hussain, Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi/Islamabad
Tel: 0300 533 7943