ball screw bk10 manufacturers Brand Introduction Production Base Certificate Service Lishui Hengli Automation Technology Co., Ltd We always maintained its competitiveness in the fierce market competition and achieved rapid and stable development. We always adhered to the operating principles of people-oriented and honesty We are customer-oriented Fast delivery, safe and secure packaging, enjoy free returns The company's products have a wide range of application scenarios and are deeply loved by buyers Keeping pace with the times, and attaching great importance to the management level and productivity of the enterprise 10000 Square Meters Built 24h Customer Services 100+ Cooperating Partner 12 Year Experience Our History Lishui Hengli Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 21, 2010. In January of the following year, it prepared to produce 5,000 sets of ball screw nuts, and started production in March of the same year. In the same year, the SBR aluminum rail factory was established and settled in Taobao. Timeline In 2011, it entered the foreign trade industry and settled in AliExpress. In 2017, it entered the Amazon platform and Alibaba International Station at the same time. After that, in order to expand sales, it be