China Lift N Peel Lift and peel 38mm (TBE-2020PY) applications are wide ranging, but the most popular applications are for beverages, condiments, sauces, dairy products and some non-aggressive chemicals. Lift and peel 38mm (TBE-2020PY) is designed for containers with openings of 23mm-120mm. Item:TBE-2020PY Structure:PET film 0.07mm/ Polyethylene foam 0.15mm/ Aluminum foil 0.017mm/ heating film Thicknesses.3mm Width:360mm. (can be cut to any width) Weight.35KG/M2 The MOQ:100M2 Apply:PP bottles Feature:clean peel off/easy peel off/easy pull Compatible:Solid/powderChina Lift N Peel website: